Maria Anagnostara - ANMA jewellery

ANMA Story

Gold, which shares its sparkle with the Greek sun, is the ultimate precious metal. Marvellous gemstones, which share their power with Mother Earth, symbolic of spiritual transformations. Minimal forms, which share their unbearable beauty with the Cycladic architecture, represent how the classic passes through to leave its mark on the modern. In Maria Anagnostara’s mind, the founder and designer of the brand, this is what dreams are made of and her jewellery brand ANMA found the way to make people’s dreams come true!

In 2015, the first ANMA showroom was launched in downtown Athens. It was created to be a magical place for those seeking the sun, that flickers amongst the sparkling, colored gemstones and precious metals of fine jewellery. It was there where Maria shared her creativity, light hearted designs and fine goldsmithing techniques by showing minimal gold pendants, dazzling tourmaline rings, freshwater pearl earrings alongside ANMA’S iconic evil eye jewellery to a clientele that knows how to appreciate the timelessness of fine heirlooms.

Fast forward to 2022 and ANMA opened her first flagship store in Apollonos street in the historical center of Athens. In a road full of mystical energy emerging from the impossing rock of Acropolis, a small store turned into a house that reveals the quintessence of fine jewellery.