Packaging Inspiration

ANMA packaging Inspiration

The concept behind the packaging is

the first light of the day – dawn–
until just before the sunset – dusk–
This is the reason why I have chosen the dusty blue and dusty pink velvet pouch with a gold tassel which instantly travels you to Greece. All this is enclosed in a total white hard box which reminds us of the white washed stone houses on the Greek islands. Inscribed on the box and inside the pouch is ANMA’s logo in gold.

Our packaging is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and zero waste. You can use this pouch to restore your jewels and to carry it with you when you are travelling.

The pouches are made in Greece, in Thessaloniki and they are all handmade.

Every hand-crafted piece of ANMA jewellery is packaged with special care and much love in order to reach you.