Ethically Sourced Gold, Diamonds, and Gemstones

Aware that natural resources are not endless, Maria strongly believes that jewellery brands should use precious metals and gemstones consciously, extracted according to fair trade by miners who are provided with economic and social protection.

ANMA has been working with the same Greek artisans from the very beginning to guarantee exquisite savoir-faire and high-quality creations. The most beautiful gemstones and precious diamonds are selected to enhance the gold and are perfectly in tune with Maria’s designs.
But what makes ANMA stand out is her intention to use only ethically sourced gold and gemstones, meaning they are sourced from responsible mines that meet strict international environmental and social criteria.

Today, ANMA jewellery creations are made from 100% ethically sourced gold, in an attempt to limit the significant ecological damage and adverse conditions of industrial mining, while any gold trimmings are returned to the suppliers to be re-melted and then re-used as part of a circular economy.

Regarding the diamonds, ANMA purchases them from countries that are full participants in the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), an international cooperative that requires participating countries to tightly control the import and export of rough diamonds with documentation proving that they are conflict-free.