The Store

The opening of a flagship store has been a long-lasting dream for Maria Anagnostara, the founder and designer of the brand.

ANMA Jewellery’s first “home” was a small showroom in the heart of Athens, launched in 2015.

After 7 years of hard work and determination, Maria decided to seek a place to host her fine pieces of jewellery and ideally to create a destination store that people want to visit and enhance their in-store experience.

The location was kind of love at first sight. A tiny store of just 18 Apollonos street. A charming and cozy neighborhood where you may find pleasant surprises and little treasures around every corner. Close to Plaka, one of the oldest parts of the city adorned with unique beauty and charm.

And so, in 2022, Maria’s dream came true! ANMA Jewellery found their place.

The design concept of the store was developed by Loopo Studio. The design objective was to create a luxurious and ergonomic environment with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The materials used are lacquered wood, marble, and metallic structural and decorative parts.

The source of inspiration for the store’s architecture was the distinctive marble coating of Athenian Buildings with the intention to bring together the past with the present.

Marble is a material associated with ancient civilizations utilized for its stability, longevity, and aesthetic quality throughout the centuries. Its feature of light-reflectivity is perfectly combined with ANMA Jewellery made of Light!

The planning of store layout was designed in a way to level up customer experience and every corner was inspired by the Brand’s atmosphere and products.

Exactly what Maria wanted to express through the store’s elements and thanks to Loopo Studio the result was above expectations.

ANMA Jewellery store is the place where Magic happens.

*Also, thanks to our photographer Mr. Kostis Sohoritis, for being able to represent in a delicate way the aura of the store.