Wish and Blow a New Year will Flow

And so it is! Another year is just around the corner. New Resolutions, New Expectations, New Hopes, New Beginnings.

As we reach the end of the calendar year, we start making plans for the next one. A New Year is a new territory we wish to explore. Maybe Unknown, sometimes challenging, yet tempting. No matter the goals we set, there is one common expectation; we all pursue Happiness!

Building Happiness is not an easy task. It takes effort, and most importantly, a positive mindset that each one of us has the opportunity to have a Beautiful life.

Every year is a new chapter in our book of life. In the past years, we had good and bad moments. We might have pushed ourselves to the limit, but we also have happy memories to cherish. If only one can consider the numerous images passing by our eyes every single day, month… a whole year.

It is in our intentions to feel what our eyes see and capture every image in our souls. This sequence of images emotions and thoughts are those that compose the journey of our life throughout the years.

We could think of no better way to signal this journey for ANMA lucky charm 2023 than the “Dandelion flower”. A plant that is believed to be a symbol of Light, Hope, Growth, and Healing.

What happens when you blow a dandelion? Dandelion seeds are blowing in the wind. As they float in the air, they mark the journey of our life, our thoughts, and our dreams, while the secret journey of our new life will gradually unfold in the year to come.

Wish and Blow and a Happy New Year will flow.

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