We Design Together

Many times we have a unique image of something on our mind such as a special item, a loved one, a special gift that we might want to share with a special person or even a professional gift we might want to make. Such desires can be created through ANMA jewellery and we can work together to make this vision a reality by following a simple procedure.

Step 1    Share with us your idea. You may not have the exact image of the design you desire but this shouldn’t be an issue for us! You simply can describe to us the design, what the occasion means to you and any other information that will help to clarify the idea you have in mind.

Step 2    ANMA jewellery shares some ideas with you and we decide on the final concept. The cost of this process (brainstorming and sharing ideas with you) depends on the design and its treated as a separate fee and is not included in the price of the product.

Step 3    ANMA jewellery shares with you the design in a 3D sketch. At this point we can have the precise image of the design with the exact dimensions, the weight and the timeframe needed in order to be created. The final cost of the jewelry is also calculated. If you agree with the final design and cost then we are ready to create it. You can choose the material you want to use y — gold, silver, diamonds, gems etc. based on the amount you want to spend. At this step if the cost and the design is agreed on and you want us to proceed in the making, we will create a new product at our Eshop to purchase it directly from there.

Step 4    The piece of jewellery that we created together is ready! Your idea has become reality!