14K Gold Circle Ring


The Cyclades, a group of islands surrounding the island of Delos, refers to this sacred circle that pays an important role to the creative narrative of the Cyclades. Perfectly round and handcrafted from polished 14 karat gold, this ring creates a sense of fluidity and wholeness.

Available in Ethically Sourced Yellow/White/Rose Gold.

Please allow 10 working days as each jewel is exclusively hand-crafted for you!

This item’s measurements are:
Height: 21,5 mm
Width: 21,5 mm

Whether you are looking for a ring for yourself or to give as a gift, it is important to find the size that will fit you correctly. The perfect size is when the ring feels comfortable on the finger, but it is a little hard to get off.

This allows pleasant wearing without the risk of losing the ring. While you don’t want the ring sliding off your finger, you also don’t want to it applying too much pressure. What you are looking for is a nice, snug fit.

To get a snug fit, the ring should just fit over the largest part of your finger – that is typically your knuckle. In addition, you should know that your ring size generally increases with hot outdoor temperatures, with high humidity levels and with a diet high in salt. So, keep these facts in mind as you determine the right ring size.