My passion for jewellery began in my early life. As a young girl, I visited museums and I remember marveling the ancient Greek jewellery. I soon began to create my first jewelries from bread and any kind of material I had in my hands. So my hobby became my passion that led me to jewellery design.

With a degree in marketing, I worked for an advertising agency when I soon realized that this path did not fulfill me. So I decided to follow my heart and begin a career in jewellery design.    I studied in Mokume institute in Athens where I gained solid silversmithing technique foundations and jewellery design skills.  I also attended Le Arti Orafe jewellery school in Florence, where I strengthen my graphical representation techniques and concept development.

Then I started working for a jewellery workshop and I was able to see my hand drawings become reality, into real fine piece of jewelries. It was the most amazing feeling.

It’s a process that fulfills me with pleasure and satisfaction and makes me even more passionate for my work. Then I decided that it was time to make my dream come true and create my own jewellery collection with my own brand.

And this is how ANMA jewellery started! My vision is to design and create classic stylish, minimal jewelry that will be inspired by the modern lifestyle and can be worn at any time of the day.

My inspiration comes endlessly from nature, architecture, history and the world itself and I leave the rest to my imagination.

Of course I’m not alone to all this! Here is my team!


Maria Anagnostara

Jewelry Designer & Owner

Making my hobby my fulltime job is everything I could ask for!


Thodoris Stylianopoulos

The Workshop Man

He gives the final touch making jewellery shine and come alive!